2 of my paintings of Madonna have been published in a book named " Madonna in Art " by Mem Mehmet

Welcome @ my website


I am an artist who uses a lot of different techniques, sometimes I mix them and sometimes I just make totally different things with different techniques. I make paintings, use computers, make digital photoworks, computeranimations.
As long as it is interesting and challenging for me I'll continue to explore, invent and play with different media.

This part of my website is about portrait paintings, I started making portrait paintings at the time I was in art school, because I wanted to learn the basic techniques of painting. Later on I started to use the computer also to "rework"portrait pictures and then later paint them.

These portrait paintings went through a kind of evolution, because I started to use the computer and also changed my theme from traditional portraits to mummyportraits and later my theme became the development of the human being through time and the invention of all kinds of techniques like X-rays, DNA research etc.etc.

As I started to paint portraits in a kind of traditional way, they became more and more abstract in a way, also because of the use of the computer and for some reason the color red became more and more the main color.

I still love red, just pure red.